"Heirloom Roses" 30 x 24

"Heirloom Roses" 30 x 24
Original Sold! Prints now available!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Welcome to my blog! This Blog is set up for you to access several categories:

1- Upcoming Events
2- Italy Paintings
3- Original Oil Paintings currently for sale
4- Archived Works /
5- Giclee Prints

1-Upcoming Events 
Garden Gallery Group Landscape Show - August - October 
I will be participating in a group landscape exhibition at the Garden Gallery in Half Moon Bay, California through the month of October. If you would like information regarding paintings in the show, please go to the website artonmain.com. The Garden Gallery is located at the south end of Main street in downtown Half Moon Bay on the west side of the street. 

Business of Art - Kanab, Utah, November 2013 - I will be participating in the Dixie  Business of Art workshop again this year. The event is scheduled during the month of  November in the scenic town of Kanab, Utah. Please contact Kathy Cieslewicz at Cieslewicz@dixie.edu if you would like more information. The workshop I will be teaching this year is called, "The Artist's way of making a living" 

Dixie Invitational 2014 - St. George, Utah - I will be participating in the Dixie Invitational Show at the Dixie University Sears Gallery in St. George, Utah in February. The  show runs through the month of March. Last year was a great success and I was able to sell both paintings that I entered.

Italy 2014 -I recently returned from hosting a workshop with figurative painter, Huihan Liu, June 16th - June 28th. What a great time with the people in Italy and a few days visit in Madrid to see the Prado and Sorolla Museum. Thank you Huihan! Next summer we are planning on a workshop with artist, Zhaoming Wu , dates yet to be determined. I will also be organizing a Rome, LDS Temple tour trip with dates yet to be determined. If you would like more information regarding either workshop, please email me at jasonbowenart@att.net.

2-Italian Studies

Many of my pieces done in Italy as well as coastal scenes I consider to be plein air studies - paintings done on location in one painting session. Many times these plein air paintings become finished paintings in and of themselves. They tend to have great movement and energy resulting from the plein air process of creating them. Some plein air studies will be worked into larger finished studio paintings using the plein air study as a reference guide. To see a complete list of finished plein air paintings from Italy 2010 and 2011 , Click Here.

3-Oil Paintings for Sale By selecting "Click Here" below you can view finished paintings that are located in either the Garden Gallery, Half Moon Bay,CA; the Selby House Gallery, Menlo Park,CA; or in my studio, Provo, Utah. For more information, please email me at jasonbowenart@att.net. Click Here to view paintings that are currently for sale.

4-Archived Works / Commissions The paintings and drawings of this section make up this archived works area. See examples of some of the paintings that have sold over the past few years.  Click Here to see archived works.

5-Giclee Prints I often receive requests for Giclee Prints. I currently have several prints in circulation, however, all the prints posted on this site are NEW and limited additioned at 250. Each print is produced on heavy weight Arches watercolor paper. The following are their UNFRAMED sizes and prices.Click Here to view available prints and download an order form. All order forms can be emailed to jasonbowenart@att.net. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

18 x 24 $200
16 x 20 $175
14 x 18 $175
12 x 16 $150
11 x 14 $150
9 x 12 $125
8 x 10 $125

For payment, you may use Paypal - shelleybowen@hotmail - email user name -or send a check to my address below. Depending on the size ordered, there will be $5 - $15 shipping charge for prints and $50 shipping for original works. When you make your selection, I ask that you send your request via email with your attached order form specifying the name of the piece and which size you want. Please allow approximately 4- 6 weeks for delivery of Giclee prints and 2-3 weeks for delivery of original artwork.

Painting is such a rewarding journey for me. Feel free to drop me a note and share your excitement as well!

Contact Information:
Email - jasonbowenart@att.net
Address - 1474 Springdell Drive, Provo Utah 84604
Phone - (925) 323 0664